Careers at GenWorks

Working at GenWorks presents an opportunity that few conglomerates can claim to offer. Here, you are exposed to greater responsibilities, innumerable growth opportunities, and have a chance to shape the culture of your company, while being relevant to the organization in every way.

GenWorks Core Values

GenWorks believes that its core values have been the guiding principles behind the company phenomenal growth and helping it to emerge as one of India’s first complete healthcare solution company.

Learning and Development

GenWorks learning academy is a unique learining experience with a Vision to build GenWorks talent and leadership pipeline and enhance the organisational capability to compete and win in the ever-changing dynamic healthcare space.

GenWorks Learning Academy provide contextualized programs based on our strong understanding of the healthcare needs of customers. This initiative also nurtures role-based skill development to give our employees a learning platform like no other. In addition, learning directly from business leaders who are stalwarts in the healthcare industry, is extremely fulfilling and goes a long way in determining your career success.

Mr J Sunderrajan our chief mentor and one of the Architects of healthcare industry in India leads GenWorks learning academy and his vast experience of over 40 years building and grooming successful teams is a big opportunity for the teams to learn and excel under his mentorship.

J Sunderrajan says: I joined GenWorks as a mentor, but in the last 8 months it has been mentoring and learning in equal proportion. The team is full of energy and the manager's task is to guide and harness this energy and focus it in the right areas. I find that the team is truly becoming a super league team with potential several times more than what we are presently experiencing. It is enjoyable to guide this kind of team which doesn’t mind the bar being raised over and over again. I am confident that the GenWorks initiative will reach unsurpassed heights in the Healthcare space in the very near future.

Our future leaders program for commercial and product leaders will bring in a next level of leadership that will transform the way we engage with our customers for their success.

@ GenWorks we beleive an enabled and aligned employee will be successful and our success is determined by customer success.

Employee Benefits @ GenWorks

The GenWorks work culture is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare industry. We emphasize on a work-life balance and the benefits we offer prove the same.







GenWorks DNA

GenWorks on Campus

Manipal institute of technology, Christ institute of management, Vellore institute of technology

  • GenWorks for students and graduates
    As a fresher looking to give your career a head start or an employee with years of experience, our performance-driven culture gives you with the opportunity to think, speak, grow, and carry your ideas to the market
  • GenWorks for experienced profesionals
    Senior leaders have a great opportunity to implement their learnings and see them take shape to accelerate healthcare access through adoption of affordable and relevant technology .

I am...

GenWorks Believes

GenWorks believes in a blend of aspiring and accomplished leaders and is looking for more of them. We believe in encouraging young team members to achieve great heights at a fast pace, leveraging the wisdom of its senior leaders.
At GenWorks, you get to work with the best in class leaders who shaped healthcare industry in India.

People @ GenWorks

  • Sanjana Vivek

    Healthcare Provider

    Genworks has a dynamic and inspiring work culture where young talent is nurtured.
    Genworks is a high energy company that offers unlimited opportunities to grow professionally with a holistic solution approach for every healthcare provider.
    I feel very privileged to be a part of this mission for a healthier India.

  • Muthukumar Nadukkarayan

    Commanders of The Healthcare Industry

    I take pride in working with the commanders of The Healthcare Industry, who built the healthcare business by their determination and hard work...
    For us today in Genworks success lies beyond that which is considered impossible and impossible is nothing when it comes to delivering Healthcare to the people of India in the remotest corner of this country this keeps us going as the work in Genworks has a Mission and it’s not for the Ordinary it is for the ExtraOrdinary who have a Vision of a Healthier India… as we build our future and the future of this country. We take pride as Genworks Works for a Healthier India!!

  • Vinaya Natarajan

    Ethical and Compliant Business Development

    I believe that for a business to be successful in the long run, it needs to be ethical and compliant as much as profitable. My aim is to build a culture of compliance within the company, so that people aren’t just following the letter of the law (or policy) but embodying it in every aspect of their professional lives. I believe strongly in Genworks’ vision of access to healthcare for all, and my role in helping this vision grow is to smooth legal hurdles, keep everyone honest and protect the company’s interests to enable it to grow and flourish. My vision of the future includes being part of a company that is an industry leader and role model for ethical and compliant business development.

  • Meet Shilpa M K

    Technology Assisted Care

    I know the value of technology availability for the most needy patients. I have suffered personal loss due to non-availability of technology assisted care. I have derived strength from my loss to ensure I would not let that happen to anyone who depends on us. In the process, my contribution strengthens our mission of a healthier India too.