Indian Healthcare & GE

08 March 2015 - By GENWORKS

In India quality and affordable healthcare is still mostly restricted to metros and tier-1 cities. While advancements in the field of medical technology over the past decade have ensured a trickle-down effect to more remote parts of the country, the gulf between facilities enjoyed by tier-I cities and tier.2 locations still remains vast. The idea is to ensure that people in tier-2 and tier-3 cities get the same quality treatment as those in tier-1 metros,” said Ganesh Prasad. “The most important goal for us is to improve access and affordability of solutions, without compromising on quality”. To solve the challenge of access and affordability of healthcare for the bottom half of India’s population, companies like GE are investing heavily in developing countries like India and using healthcare distribution networks to reach lower rung towns and cities. “I think the new adopters, new clients, new geographies is going to solve a lot more of India’s health-care challenges than just provide technology upgrades to the people who already have it. That was the genesis of the problem. So we decided that we couldn’t just incrementally increase distribution by 10% or 15% — we need to increase distribution much more.” said Rao.