Every Baby Deserves To Live To Its Fullest Life


5 million babies are born too soon every year. More than 1 in 10 babies are born pre-term, affecting families around the world. Over 1 million children die each year due to complications of pre-term birth. Many survivors face a life time of disability, including learning disabilities and visual and hearing problems. And rates of pre-term birth are rising. They can be a statistic, or they can be saved. Today is PREEMIE DAY.

However, the efforts should not be limited to a day or a month. It is a long process. We are committed to save these babies with feasible, cost-effective care with a compelling, end-to-end portfolio of relevant, affordable technologies and training for newborn care and PREEMIE care. Born too early is no longer a reason to die.

Pre-term birth happens for a variety of reasons. Reducing the burden of pre-term birth has a dual track – prevention and care. And our solutions are focusing on both – solutions that will provide care for the mother from pre-conception days to delivery and post-delivery care to both mother and babies. We realize putting together a bunch of effective solutions is not enough but reaching them where it matters is more important along with building awareness. Hence our team is focused on spreading awareness, reaching these technologies to the small towns and villages of India as majority of these lives are lost in low-resource settings. We are collaborating with a large number of healthcare practitioners and people who share similar vision of making India healthier to improve reach, adoption and use of these solutions on a daily basis.

We had the privilege of partnering with two prestigious world class organizations … Rotary club Of Madras east and Child Trust Hospital, Chennai to provide Cerebral Function Monitoring Technology from Olympic and a Whole body cooling therapy system for pre-term babies. These were installed at the NICU of Kanchi Kamakoti Child’s Trust Hospital Chennai on November 14, 2017, Children’s Day. The initiative completed as part of a Global Grant Project with Rotary International is now supporting many newborn and preemies to survive and live their lives to the fullest. It was gratifying to personally witness how these solutions helped a preemie overcome brain damage on the very first day of its installation through early identification of silent seizures. We wish every baby gets such deserving care, everywhere. Our world-class, effective solutions are compiled from a host of innovations from GE Healthcare, Natus and Mennen.

We thank Rotary Club of Madras East (RCME) and Rotary Club of San Antonio, Texas, USA, Dr Rahul Yadav, and Dr Shobhana from Child’s Trust Hospital for partnering with GenWorks to provide Brainz Monitor –a high quality Cerebral Function Monitoring system for newborns and Criticool Whole Body Integrated Cooling Therapy System for Pre-term babies. These systems installed at the NICU of Kanchi Kamakoti Child’s Trust Hospital, Chennai. Seen in the visual are S Ganesh Prasad, President & CEO,