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Cervical Screening Mandate Made Easy with EVA's AI Algorithm


Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, but India carries a major chunk of this cervical cancer burden and mortality due to late diagnosis with poor survival rates as a consequence.

In these changing times with additional focus on healthcare, we as a nation, will not make any headway in economic growth, development, or education without taking women health into consideration.

Since the 1950s, developed countries have successfully used Pap smear and Colposcopy to detect pre and early cancer of the cervix. Timely diagnosis of cervical cancer at the pre-invasive stage has greatly reduced mortality rates in these countries

India, being a country still opening its eyes to the importance of healthcare, especially that of women needs the convenience that EVA affords with its portability, and high battery life, making it perfect for our villages and remote areas. It would enable the organization of camps for cervical screening with ease and provide immediate result.

The EVA Visual Check is redefining cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment to bring about parity with developed countries. Women Technology is set for a revolution of sorts with the launch of this product. Like all AI supported gadgets, the data that is used to screen, annotate, and classify information and provide directions for cure will herald a new era for women in the throes of Cervical Cancer.

The EVA cervical screening system Simplify your clinical workflow by streamlining how you conduct, record, and review patient cases and gynaecological examinations.

Visual Check is an automated clinical decision support software which will be able to assess normal and abnormal findings in the screening of cervical cancer. Using a complex algorithm, Visual Check predicts how highly trained colposcopes determine findings of the cervix.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in EVA

Artificial intelligence can detect precancerous and cancerous lesions based on digital images. It helps to compare the impressions taken with leading cervical cancer experts thereby wielding more trust in the diagnosis by providing the highest level of specialist opinion on the cervix under diagnosis. It has a safety net to reconfirm clinical impressions and tells when to re -examine a patient which makes for efficiency and ease for the doctor.

The EVA Visual Check Advantage

The World Health Organization recommends a "See and Treat" approach. However, the traditional Cervical exam does not reveal the early stages of cervical cancer, which if detected, has a 92%survival possibility. There was always a need for high resolution cameras and an expensive set up, making this screening limited to a handful of patients. Since it comes with an inbuilt smart phone, the Mobile ODT’s EVA eliminates the use of multiple gadgets and it’s easy to set up system does away the need for an extra room for screening.

GenWorks Healthcare solutions is the one stop solution for EVA cervical health screening device.