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EVA – The key to expanding your gynaecological practice


Medical instruments in tandem with listening and visualising human skills embody the essence of healthcare. They are crucial diagnostic tools for the physician to determine what ails a patient. The image of a doctor is most often visualised along with medical instruments such as the stethoscope and the manual sphygmomanometer (the blood pressure monitor). Studies claim that visuals like that of a doctor wearing a stethoscope around the neck are most likely to have a positive impact on the perceived trustworthiness of the practitioner among patients.Of the many medical instruments, a stethoscope best symbolizes doctors. Stethoscopes were the first non-invasive instruments that helped explore internal anatomy. Prior to stethoscopes,diseaseswere defined as just a   bundle of symptoms and use of stethoscopes was the first major step to evidence- based diagnosis that helped in correlating a disease to a specific anatomical problem.

How Stethoscopes came to be identified with physicians

Laënnec, a French physician, first invented the stethoscope in 1816. He felt the need to develop a method to diagnose chest conditions, especially for stout individuals and female patients where direct auscultation (listening to the chest) was inadequate, embarrassing or felt to be inappropriate. The result was a rolled-up paper cylinder, the precursor to the modern stethoscope. He experimented with various materials and designs and the first stethoscope design was made available as early as the 1820s. With this new instrument, he investigated sounds of the heart and lungs and could precisely correlate the sounds he heard to specific respiratory or cardiac diseases.

Over the years, the stethoscope has undergone several modifications and advancements.It has remained a very useful instrument in diagnosing lung and heart conditions as well as specific conditions in obstetrics and orthopaedics. It has transformed from a simple listening device to a powerful diagnostic instrument that millions of medical practitioners depend upon to diagnose and establish trust with patients - very important in a therapeutic relationship.

EVA – The gynaecologists’ visual stethoscope

The EVA colposcope is a powerful and inexpensive diagnostic tool that serves the same purposes as a stethoscope for determining cervical health. It helps gynaecologists to make detailed cervical examinations and provides clarity and visual detail not evident with a simple external examination. The EVA Colpo is non-threatening to patients, compact, mobile, harmless and a non-invasive tool that rewards discerning practitioners with valuable inputs to quickly assess, diagnose, and monitor their patients for all-round women’s health.

The EVA Colpo establishes trust and rapport

Very similar to the stethoscope, the EVA colposcope is designed to evoke strong positive perceptions of trust in the minds of the patient about the gynaecologist’s competence.  The use of EVA colposcope paves an important avenue to make a trustworthy contact with the patient during a gynaecological routine. The extended features of the EVA system such as the compact size and mobility allows not only ease of set up and use for the practitioner but also it helps to ease apprehension and reduce the awkwardness and feelings of anxiety in the patient’s mind caused by the otherwise intrusive nature of the gynaecological routine. The real-time streaming of digital images and video greatly enable the gynaecologist to establish rapport and connection with the patient and help break the ice by veering the conversation into explaining the process of diagnosis to the patient.

The EVA System - a great way to patient education

The use of the EVA system is bound to make the patient confident and comfortable during the examination and is a great way to educate the patient on her gynaecological health. The real-time streaming of the images allows the patient to view her cervix and the various parts of the lower genital tract. This not only makes it easier for the gynaecologist to explain the patient’s genital health and issuesbut provides a trustworthy way to allay the various fears and to address the concerns that a patient might have during a gynaecological routine or cervical screening.

EVA enables a comprehensive well women routine and follow up

The use of EVA during a gynaecological routine enables an accurate screening of a range of vaginal, vulvar and cervical issues and allows for immediate biopsy during the diagnostic routine itself of any problematic area. This greatly cuts down on the multiple visits that otherwise may be required during a conventional cervical screening as the gynaecologist is able to visually triage a patient for advanced treatment options.

Improved patient tracking made possible with EVA

The smart colposcope allows for seamless documentation of images and therefore it is easy to monitor and track patient progress during the treatment time with greater accuracy. During follow up visits, when a patient is recalled for a repeat colposcopy, it becomes easier to educate the patient with greater transparency, by comparing the current images with the archived images of past colposcopies. This increases the patient’s confidence and trust in the gynaecologist.

EVA System’s role in various functional gynaecological procedures

EVA colposcope could serve a comprehensive solution to the initial work up, documentation, expert consultation required before any functional gynaecological procedure as a treatment option could be decided upon for not only cervical cancer but also for problems such as vaginal atrophy, stress urinary incontinence etc. The EVA Colpo with its high quality visualization of the vagina, vulva and the cervix enables the gynaecologist to performpre-treatmentevaluation with greater accuracy, allows for thorough documentation of patient details and progress there by helping the gynaecologist and the patient to make well informed and  accurate decisions on treatment options.

Empowering patients the EVA way

EVA with its above-mentioned capabilities and features empowers gynaecologists to provide patients with an improved understanding of their cervical and gynaecological health. A well- informed patient perceives the doctor to be trustworthy. Trust reduces anxiety and increases the confidence in the gynaecologist and enables a clear explanation of the treatment options and recovery modes.

The EVA system may well become the gynaecologist’s stethoscope - a symbolic identity of trust in the gynaecologist and a positive mind set to aid faster recovery among patients.