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The Introduction of GenWorks Live and Its Scope for Improving Productivity

The implementation of a CRM provides more avenues for customers to communicate and explain their needs to the organization through numerous contact points. Customers get increased satisfaction and a feeling of being special and important because of the increased personalization of services and customization of goods offered to them.

At GenWorks, the need to implement an efficient CRM platform with multiple features was realized. GenWorks Live was introduced as a collaboration platform for internal users at GenWorks. A platform for the Sales, Service, and application teams to collaborate for their day-to-day activities and improve the productivity of the staff, GenWorks Live helps the sales and service teams to effectively track and manage their opportunities.

Let’s see what is GenWorks Live all about. 

The Need for GenWorks Live:

At GenWorks, it was realized that customizing a product or a service depends on the data available with the firm as the firm can facilitate customer-company interaction with the company contact center and website. The interactions help in developing customer products.

To treat its customers as partners, GenWorks Health helped customers design new products to improve the services. Hence, GenWorks Live came to life to gain a competitive advantage in the market. They can face the competition with much ease. Competitive advantage helps in generating higher returns on investment. Due to CRM, a company gains a position to generate higher returns on investment. This is because of the repeat purchases on the part of the loyal customers. The company also makes money through cross-selling. The higher return on investment increases the shareholders’ value.

Research Phase

During Feb to April 2022, the team of GenWorks understood that most of the CRM tools available in the market found the gaps to implement them at GenWorks. Most of the CRMs were available at a high cost (Rs 2000/user/month) and did not fit into the team’s requirements. So the team decided to build the platform internally.

Development Phase

The GenWorks team understood that the customer CRM tool helps in saving monthly wages and also allows customers to introduce features that are beneficial for a business. In ready-made CRM software or apps, one has to pay for the features that they are not utilizing, so somewhere it will be beneficial to build your own CRM application.

Workflow Automation

Usually, Custom CRM apps automate marketing, sales, analytics, customer support, and billing tasks to save money. Businesses can freely utilize customized CRM apps as it does not hold any criteria for using software like ready-made apps. Generally, in specific sort applications, automation is not always possible. 

Centralized Data Collection and Editing

A custom-built CRM app provides the full power to observe what is happening inside the organization (on the digital level). Ready-made software and applications also offer the monitoring function, but it does not provide full control of visualizing the data.

Customer-Related Analytics

Most of the time, ready-made apps or software do not help to explore customer insights, then later this issue mostly becomes the primary concern, but this sort of problem has not seemed in custom CRM apps.

Project Scope
Opportunity Funnel

The GenWorks Live platform enables the sales and service teams to effectively track and manage their opportunities. Each opportunity progresses through various stages, ranging from 30% to 100% completion. Within the opportunity tab, crucial customer details such as name, address, facility type, and contact information can be recorded. 

Additionally, product details and closure dates can also be entered. The stages of the opportunity, including Potential Lead, Qualified Lead, Demo Required, Demo Done, follow up, closure commit, follow up, won, and lost, allow for clear visibility of the sales process. The management can access and monitor this progression by logging into the GenWorks Live platform.

Activity Tracking

The GenWorks Live platform empowers the team to log their daily activities with customers, including visits, phone calls, emails, and tasks. These activities can be assigned different statuses such as pending, checked-in, in-progress, completed, or cancelled. By accessing GenWorks Live, the management can efficiently monitor the entire team's activities and even assign new activities to team members. 

The platform includes a comments section that facilitates collaboration among team members, enabling them to seek assistance or share important information regarding customer interactions. Contact information of customers is collected as a mandatory field, which proves valuable for the marketing team. Moreover, the activity tab provides the functionality to create opportunities from activities and vice versa, allowing the management team to track the number of visits conducted to successfully close specific deals.

Salesforce Productivity

The GenWorks Live Platform serves as a valuable tool for management to analyze the productivity of the sales team. It records and tracks each salesperson's opportunities and activities, providing insights into individual performance. The platform captures essential information such as customer details, product records, and corresponding values.

It also allows for measuring the efforts exerted by the sales team and provides values associated with different stages of the sales process. Additionally, productivity details can be viewed based on regions, circles, and clusters, enabling a comprehensive overview of performance at various levels. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the assessment of prospects generated by employees on a weekly and monthly basis, offering further visibility into their contributions.


The GenWorks Live Platform offers a range of comprehensive dashboards designed to provide valuable insights and aid in decision-making. The opportunity dashboard provides an overview of employee contributions, including the number and total value of opportunities, values at different stages, and the number and value of closed opportunities for each employee. 

The activities dashboard summarizes visits, calls, and prospects generated by individual salespersons, while also providing customer-wise activity details. The productivity dashboard offers region, circle, and cluster-wise reports on prospect generation and employee productivity, with data organized every month. The platform also features a collaboration dashboard, which calculates the number of comments made and responses given, promoting effective teamwork.

In the sales analysis dashboard, pipeline-wise opportunities and their values are presented, along with circle-wise and cluster-wise analysis. The platform also includes an OP vs. Revenue dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of performance about projected opportunities versus actual revenue.

These dashboards empower managers to support their teams by tracking and analyzing various opportunities and activities, facilitating strategic decision-making, and driving progress.

Mobile App for Sales Staff

The GenWorks Live Platform offers a convenient mobile application that enables the sales team to perform check-ins and check-outs at customer locations. The mobile app displays activities in a date-wise manner, allowing for efficient tracking. When the sales team arrives at a customer's place, they can check in using the application capturing the check-in time and geo-location data.

Moreover, the mobile application provides functionality for creating activities, opportunities, new accounts, and adding contact information of customers. When checking out from each customer, the team must enter contact information and leave a comment, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date records.


GenWorks Live is a functional CRM platform that can be used to improve productivity and streamline customer interactions, centralizing patient data, order history, and communication logs. It helps in offering quicker access to patient information, facilitating personalized service, and timely follow-ups. 

Overall, GenWorks Live helps optimize workflows, enhance communication, and foster customer relationships while ultimately increasing productivity.