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GenWorks, a Wipro GE Invested Company, presents an opportunity that only a few can offer. You will be exposed to greater responsibilities, innumerable growth opportunities, and gain a chance to shape the screening landscape of India, while being relevant to the organization in every way. We give you a unique fulfilling experience where you can impact lives and make a real difference in semi-urban and rural India through your dedication.

GenWorks Core Values

GenWorks believes that its core values have been the guiding principles behind the company phenomenal growth and helping it to emerge as one of India’s first complete healthcare solution company.



Wow Customers
Win Together
Learn and Adapt



Act Resposibilty with Speed
Learn and Adapt
Wow Customers



Wow Customers
Lead with Passion
Win Together

Learning and Development

Talent Management

Learning is built into every role here. You’ll get mentorship and you will have to take ownership to Create, Amaze and Repeat results. Our various talent development programs engaging employees at all level levels thrive on innovating new approaches, thinking big and achieving results through teamwork. We invest in your learning as we see limitless potential in you.

  • Cluster Leader Accelerator Program (CLAP)

This program creates the next generation of our holistic solutions sales leaders across our clusters who will achieve and sustain GenWorks USD100M vision by 2020. It is based on the idea of Reflective learning of 70-20-10 model of leadership development.

  • Key Account Management (KAM) Program

This program enables you to undergo deep dive interactive sessions involving new products training, tool kits for implementation, individual coaching sessions with senior leaders in Solutions Selling, Key Accounts Engagement and Forecasting. We will enable you to practice new habits daily to be an influential Key Accounts Leader in your circle.

  • GenWorks Future Leader (GFL) Program

Our role-based development gives you a learning platform like no other. You will have to continuously inspire yourself and others with your values and actions. You will experience different aspects of your chosen business area and learn how other areas of our business work

All these programs are aimed at transforming you to be a BOLD LEADER

Our Mentor

Mr J Sunderrajan,our chief mentor and one of the architects of healthcare industry in India leads GenWorks learning academy. In his is vast experience of over 40 years, he has built and groomed successful teams. Here, at GenWorks, we offer a big opportunity for our teams to learn and excel under his mentorship.


“These past 2 years have been mindset changing years. It has led to a major transition in the organization. Our key managers and entire field force have transformed themselves to solution providers for customers instead of just product selling people. Our team of young people continuously challenge status quo and enable innovative ways to excel in their work. Key account management, personality development, and various other factors add up to create a successful manager” - J SUNDERRAJAN

Employee Benefits @ GenWorks

The GenWorks work culture is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare industry. We emphasize on a work-life balance and the benefits we offer prove the same.


GenWorks DNA



Manipal Institute of Technology, Christ Institute of Management, Vellore Institute of Technology

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Aiming For Disruption

It isn’t every company that seeks to disrupt its domain of business, but that’s what we aim for at GenWorks. We’re changing the Screening and Diagnostic healthcare landscape of India in Tier 2/3 cities. This takes exceptional thinking, collaboration, technology along with dedicated people who put service before self. We’re seeking bold freshers who will go through the grind of working out of your comfort zone, thinking big, and constantly learning and adapting. If this sounds like you, then you’re our kind of contributor.

Aiming for Acceleration

We believe that if we create an exceptional culture, with an exceptional purpose, we can meet our ambitious goals. As an experienced professional, you have a great opportunity to implement your learnings and see them take shape to accelerate the healthcare industry. You will have to demonstrate high standards of work to motivate the younger colleagues in the team, foster growth and collaboration. We all have a voice. Innovation doesn’t know hierarchy. We make sure everyone is heard, considered and respected.

Room To Grow

We take pride in nurturing young talents with our internship projects. Our internship exposure enables you to gain first-hand exposure of working in the healthcare space at the field level with guidance from experienced professionals. You will learn more about yourself, prove your credentials, and transition into a full-time position based on performance and business need.

Together, We Can Do Much More

Our existing partners are leveraging our comprehensive screening and diagnostics solutions across the value chain along with continuous business opportunities. We are looking out for exciting partnerships to mutually scale newer heights. Join our partner ecosystem to help you grow your business and meet your customer’s emerging needs by leveraging our gold standard healthcare solutions.


I AM ...

About GenWorks



GenWorks is a blend of aspiring youngsters and accomplished leaders coming together to truly create an impact in the society by working towards a healthier India. We believe in encouraging our young team members to achieve great heights at a fast pace by leveraging the wisdom of our senior leaders.


Room To Grow

GenWorks takes pride in nurturing the talent of Gen Z to help you accelerate your personal and professional growth. We provide you an excellent learning platform that will help you in achieving milestones and creating a long term impact in society.

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