GenWorks to Play a Key Role in Adoption of Relevant and Affordable Technology

What kind of country do we want to leave for our children? What do we need to do to get there? When it comes to health, it is important to ensure the adoption of relevant and affordable technologies. Making healthcare affordable can happen by enabling reach through efficient access.


“Healthcare for All” is an initiative by the Government of India. However, this is possible only if we educate our customers on the importance of relevant and affordable technology. The transformation has to happen in more than one area to make this a reality. Affordable technology and efficient distribution network are the key to achieving quality healthcare for all.


In India, the last few decades have certainly witnessed a healthcare revolution. High quality healthcare at par with global standards has become a lot more accessible and affordable. High end medical technology in particular has been a huge enabler in bringing about this paradigm shift.


The challenge is that it is limited to the affluent and in Metro and Tier 1 towns. High end medical technology is expensive and drives the cost of healthcare out of reach of the common man. The big change that is being led by healthcare major such as GE in India is breaking the myth that high end technology is expensive and leveraging innovation to make it affordable by focusing on relevance without compromising on quality.


Relevance starts with understanding the real needs of the customer. The only way we can understand the true needs of the customer is to build a strong distribution with employees committed to seeing customer success in every action.


A start up such as GenWorks is leading this initiative with a 260 strong team in the 432 underserved districts of India. Our focus is to build proactive, knowledgeable and honest teams that empathize with the customer and build trust.

The team at GenWorks will look at customer needsas “our problem to solve”and serve through the most relevant solution. Through our strong portfolio from GE that has the right solutions, we will complement with the best in class technology available across the industry.

“GenWorks way is the solutions way”. Every problem of our customers’ needs a solution. Training is a big need in Tier 2 areas and beyond districts.We will focus on developing training as a solution to enabling customer success.

GenWorks’s learning academy will be the next big initiative for skill development. Contextualizing the training based on our strong understanding of the customer work flow and clinical needs will be our GenWorks way.

We will launch GenWorks learning academy and skill development on our first Anniversary. GenWorks is now present in 100 locations and very soon within 100 Km of your reach. Our Mission is to work for a Healthier India and our way is the customer way.

We believe we will play a key role in transforming healthcare in India through the adoption of relevant and affordable technology which will be instrumental in saving lives and achieving customer success.

Our wish is that healthcare in India be known as “Before-GenWorks” and “After-GenWorks” through our constant efforts to deliver innovative solutions to your problem.

Let us make our generation proud!