GE Healthcare launches ‘low cost, high quality’ ultrasound systems

25 November 2013

Bangalore: GE Healthcare announced on Monday the launch of LOGIQ Forward Series ultrasound systems designed and developed in India, for the world. The new LOGIQ improves affordability of a high performance ultrasound system by 30 per cent while incorporating established high performance capabilities from GE’s flagship ultrasound systems, according to the company.


The new LOGIQ Forward series – LOGIQ F6 and F8, provides clinicians with a less expensive way to diagnose with confidence by using the advantages of advanced and high performance ultrasound. LOGIQ F6 and F8 have in-built innovative tools like Scan Coach, to help clinicians in quick and improved patient diagnosis, faster workflow and decision making, said GE Healthcare in a statement.


Advanced tools and intuitive protocols help simplify image acquisition and enhance overall image quality, thanks to a powerful combination of features including Phase-Inversion Harmonics and Speckle-Reduction Imaging. The LOGIQ F series is designed for ultra-reliability and comes with a 3-year warranty, thus making it more affordable to clinicians, the statement said.

Announcing the LOGIQ Forward series in India, S Ganesh Prasad, director, ultrasound, GE Healthcare, said, “Technology plays a key role in making quality care more accessible and affordable. The LOGIQ F6 and F8 is a perfect fusion of cutting edge tools that are popular currently with our premium ultrasound technologies like LOGIQ, VIVID and Voluson.”

“At GE, we are at work for a healthier India. Clinicians share the same vision; however, many advanced technologies are expensive and out of reach for many of them. We are continuing our journey of innovating low cost solutions in India to provide healthcare a “fast forward” button with LOGIQ Forward,” Prasad said.

“Our goal is to improve the access to high-quality ultrasound technology by delivering solutions that leverage our innovation and are commercialized across a variety of price points that meet the needs of our customers,” said Ajay Parkhe, general manager of primary care ultrasound for GE Healthcare.

“With the advanced application and shared services capabilities, the offerings in the LOGIQ F series suite of ultrasound allow healthcare providers to potentially use just one system fitting the clinical needs of various departments and patient types,” Parkhe said.