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About DIAcheck c1

DIAcheck C1 from Dialab GmbH (Austria) is a low cost, single channel and portable coagulometer designed to carry out coagulometric tests such as PT, PTT, TT, fibrinogen & D-dimer on human citrated plasma.

DIAcheck C1 is an analyzer used to test the coagulation efficiency of blood so as to diagnose and assess bleeding disorders or to monitor patients who are taking anticoagulant medicines such as warfarin, aspirin or heparin.

The detection of plasma clotting is based on a photometric principle. No mechanical aids like mixing bars are required. Blood plasma is filled into a cuvette. Reagents are then added, which initiate the blood coagulation. Ultraviolet light is transmitted through the cuvette during the coagulation process. When the sample starts to clot a change of light absorbance is measured. The time from measurement start to change of light (turning point) is called clotting time and expressed in seconds.

The conversion of coagulation time into a specific test unit is one using a linear, hyperbolic, semi-logarithmic or double-logarithmic interpolation of the stored calibration points. The current mathematical model is printed out in "TEST SETUP." Values outside the calibration range are calculated by extrapolation and flagged,

In total it has 16 incubation blocks out of which 10 are for sample positions, 5 for reagent positions and 1 for measuring position. Quarter volume method helps in reducing price per test. It can store up to 3 calibration points. Cuvettes used are closed system type having a ticket number which needs to be entered in the analyzer before performing the test..


Upgraded Hardware & Software
Clotting, chromogenic or immunoturbidimetric assays
Quarter method (75 µL total volume)
Auto start function
Maintenance FREE
Closed system cuvettes
Coloured Touchscreen

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