About Us


Affordable Solutions That Enable Customer Success

The Beginning

GENWORKS is the first start-up in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access in India. We are a Wipro GE invested company to create a platform for solving the 3 fundamental challenges in Healthcare-
Access , Affordability and Adoption : Awareness Our core purpose is to reach relevant and affordable technology to every corner of India and improve clinical outcomes to fulfil GE healthcare mission of @ work for healthier India. Awareness on affordable solutions for early health, connected healthcare by liquefying expertise and promoting adoption of relevant technology is in our belief the right way forward for our country.

At GenWorks, we help in creating an impact by providing relevant and affordable technology to the healthcare providers in India which, in turn, improves clinical outcomes. We can elevate the quality of healthcare in our country by offering complementing solutions that are aligned to our customer care area and bring together the best in class technologies available in the world as solutions. GenWorks success hinges on investment to enable specialist access and to expand affordable care through early screening, early diagnosis, and early intervention.


Further, at GenWorks, we always believe diversity and innovation are inseparable. It is our unique differences that fuel our creativity, collaboration, and success. Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, promoting fairness in everything we do and providing access to create equal opportunities for all

We are @ work for Healthier India and for creating equal opportunity for both the genders to excel in their career and fulfill their aspirations.

Evolve A Robust Solutions Portfolio

While GenWorks started with distribution of disruptive technologies from GE healthcare, it will offer a host of solutions from various best in class technology providers to complement and complete the requirements of healthcare professionals. The future holds inspiring possibilities for a healthier India with disruptive solutions and inclusive approaches.

And GenWorks will be the Game Changer!!!

    • Financial + Workflow Solutions
    • Care area + Consultative (Tele Solutions)

    • Increasing Penetration
    • Customer Segments Coverage
    • Customer Education
    • Human Resources
    • Best In Class Product
    • Complete Technology Package