Solutions Orientation Is The GenWorks Way For Achieving Customer Success

05 August 2016 - By GENWORKS

GenWorks is born from the idea of re-defining the rules of delivering quality healthcare everywhere in scale to build a healthier India. GenWorks is probably the first start-up in Indian healthcare as well as a re-invention of a big company in India’s healthcare industry. It combines the agility and mindset of a start-up with the strength and scale of a big company – GE.

While GenWorks started with distribution of disruptive technologies from GE healthcare, it will offer a host of solutions from various best in class technology providers to complement and complete the requirements of healthcare professionals, to ensure complete care is available at every part of our country.

To fulfill this commitment we have chosen Infant Care as the first portfolio to build complete solutions as India is hugely burdened in the area of Infant care. The country’s newborn mortality is at an unfortunate high (Infant Mortality Rate is 49 out of 1000 babies born). Newborn hearing defect is a major cause of development defects in babies and it affects 5 out of 1000 babies who are born with hearing defect. However, this can be corrected if diagnosed early.

While we want “healthcare for all’’ we neglect the most deserving newborns and this results in high infant mortality or highly impaired developmental aspects of the child. Neonatal Hearing defects, Brain damage and Infant Jaundice in newborns are major contributors to this .We have great technologies available today that can diagnose and treat infant health issues effectively. However, awareness about these technologies is low, even in major towns. These are the most relevant but under-utilized technologies in the area of New born care.

Our Partner Natus Corporation is the world leader in Neonatal hearing and Neonatal brain monitoring. This addition will complement our state of the art technology in Thermoregulation, Jaundice Management and Neonatal Resuscitation from GE and provide the most comprehensive solution for Infant care from a single company – “GenWorks”.

The future holds inspiring possibilities for a healthier India with disruptive solutions and inclusive approaches!  And GenWorks will be the Game Changer!