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Tele – ECG

Tele ECG Machine

 - This is an instant and Accurate ECG Diagnosis device helping doctors to save lives.
 -  With this solution Our Medical Experts together are helping doctors with accurate ECG Diagnosis in 5mins of time.
 - The solution comes with MAC600 12 - channel ECG machine attached with a Tricog Communicator device attached to it.
 - Since our solution is Handy and can be portable make this solution more effective at any remote Location.

Tele – ECG Project

 - This Project is subsequently divided into two models covering all our customer requirements for Clinics, Corporates and Small Hospitals.
    • HUB & Spoke Model
    • Direct Spoke Model
 - HUB and Spoke Model is commonly adopted by Corporate and Multi-speciality Hospitals.
 - Direct Spoke Model are the direct individual customers who want to adopt our solution at their centres.

How it works ?

 - In this model the ECG machines more than one is placed at different locations. There by monitoring the activities from the HUB. i.e., at Main enterprise.
 - All the ECG’s recorded from the machine is transmitted to cloud and pushed to Interpretation station.
 - Post interpretation by our Experts the report is transmitted back to the spokes by notifying in three forms i.e., SMS, APP and URL
 - In case of any abnormalities identified to the patients at the spoke locations. They are immediately shifted to the Mani Enterprise relatively is a Specialty Hospital.


 - It is used to Monitor the recorded ECG’s from the different spokes.
 - It helps HUBBER to look on over all activates of different spokes at a time.

Customer Portal

 - This portal is given to customer front office in order to edit the patient information before and add the additional vitals for accurate interpretation
 - Also used to print the reported ECG in A4 size paper.
 - Helps to maintain the record of each patients and access any time for retrieving the data.
 - This access is given to Reporting Doctor in HUB and Spoke Model only in the special case like APOLLO.
 - It is self- reporting platform used to report the ECG by the HUBBER itself.

The importance of early detection cannot be undermined.


The importance of early detection cannot be undermined.


The importance of early detection cannot be undermined.


The importance of early detection cannot be undermined.

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