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Tele – ECG

Tele ECG Machine

 - This is an instant and Accurate ECG Diagnosis device helping doctors to save lives.
 -  With this solution Our Medical Experts together are helping doctors with accurate ECG Diagnosis in 5mins of time.
 - The solution comes with MAC600 12 - channel ECG machine attached with a Tricog Communicator device attached to it.
 - Since our solution is Handy and can be portable make this solution more effective at any remote Location.

Tele – ECG Project

 - This Project is subsequently divided into two models covering all our customer requirements for Clinics, Corporates and Small Hospitals.
    • HUB & Spoke Model
    • Direct Spoke Model
 - HUB and Spoke Model is commonly adopted by Corporate and Multi-speciality Hospitals.
 - Direct Spoke Model are the direct individual customers who want to adopt our solution at their centres.

How it works ?

 - In this model the ECG machines more than one is placed at different locations. There by monitoring the activities from the HUB. i.e., at Main enterprise.
 - All the ECG’s recorded from the machine is transmitted to cloud and pushed to Interpretation station.
 - Post interpretation by our Experts the report is transmitted back to the spokes by notifying in three forms i.e., SMS, APP and URL
 - In case of any abnormalities identified to the patients at the spoke locations. They are immediately shifted to the Mani Enterprise relatively is a Specialty Hospital.


 - It is used to Monitor the recorded ECG’s from the different spokes.
 - It helps HUBBER to look on over all activates of different spokes at a time.

Customer Portal

 - This portal is given to customer front office in order to edit the patient information before and add the additional vitals for accurate interpretation
 - Also used to print the reported ECG in A4 size paper.
 - Helps to maintain the record of each patients and access any time for retrieving the data.
 - This access is given to Reporting Doctor in HUB and Spoke Model only in the special case like APOLLO.
 - It is self- reporting platform used to report the ECG by the HUBBER itself.

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