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Fresh Genworks

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

Healthcare in India is underserved with 80% of the specialists catering to only 20% of the geographies. The need of the healthcare industry is to bring in awareness, affordability, and accessibility to all and digitization is the way forward. The disease burden in India is on the rise and now is the time to make a visible difference. An NRHM report states that 60% of our Primary Health Care centers have only one doctor; this accentuates the dearth of rudimentary health services in these geographies, especially in an age when the burden of non-communicable disease is increasing and the risk to life is alarming. It is a time for quick action and digitization is a palpable option.

We, at GenWorks, are dedicated on building awareness by leveraging the technology available and providing affordable solutions across geographies through our digital solutions. Through digitization we are focusing on improving specialist access to the last mile. We believe we can create an impact with our ‘care cycle’ approach that focusses on connecting all patients to specialists at the need of hour.

At present, India is a treatment mandated population with scarcity of screening facilities in tier 2/3 geographies. We approach a doctor only when already in distress. This has had a two-fold impact: we have diagnostic procedures in place, but it has come at the cost of inadequately developed screening facilities. This is a call for help for us to focus on early health, i.e. early screening, early treatment, and early diagnosis which will also reduce the total cost of healthcare.

Our aim at GenWorks is to mould the thinking of our people into one of a preventive mindset by making affordable and effective screening facilities available and to prevent preventable deaths. With the help of the pioneers in health care, Apollo Hospitals, we are leading the way to creating an equitable distribution of a preventive health care solutions across income, geography, and gender demographics – all digitally. We will now build more partners to deliver early care across the care segments. With our solutions already creating an impact in many parts of India, we truly believe we can bridge this gap and bring awareness, accessibility, and affordability to all with our efforts to work towards a healthier India.