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  • Brain Monitoring
Hearing Diagnosis Solutions

Hearing Diagnosis Solutions

Bio – Logic Navigator Pro

Navigator® Pro

Full AEP Functionality Includes:

  • Click evoked ABR
  • Tone burst ABR
  • Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)*
  • Electrocochleography (ECochG)
  • Middle latency response (MLR)
  • Auditory late response (ALR), including P300**
  • Electrical ABR (EABR)

Additional software/hardware modules expand the system’s functionality to include a wide range of tests on a single platform:

  • Screening ABR
  • Screening OAE
  • Diagnostic DPOAE
  • Diagnostic TEOAE
  • Auditory Steady State Response
  • Electroneuronography
*Requires download of Bio-logic MASTER II software module, which has an additional cost to Navigator Pro base price.
**P300 functionality has an additional cost to Navigator Pro base price.
Not all modules are available in all areas.

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Brain Monitoring

Brain Monitoring

Olympic Brainz Monitor

The Olympic Brainz Monitor is the latest technology in cerebral function monitoring (CFM)

Understanding an infant’s brain health is a critical part of your treatment decisions. Use of continuous Cerebral Function Monitoring provides vital information to clinicians to assist with earlier diagnosis and treatment1 — the Olympic Brainz Monitor is the optimal solution for fast & simple routine bedside monitoring.

The Olympic Brainz Monitor provides aEEG (amplitude integrated EEG), real time EEG and continuous measurement of impedance in 1, 2, and up to 3 channel configurations. The kiosk style interface allows real time monitoring of brain function, providing vital data that may assist in predicting outcomes.

Clinical Usage of aEEG Monitoring

Medical literature reports that aEEG monitoring can be used to:

  • Monitor general neurological status
  • Monitor and record seizures
  • Monitor during hypothermic treatment to measure the effectiveness of treatment2
    • The time to normal trace (TTNT) has prognostic value and is a good predictor of neurodevelopment outcome in term infants with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) undergoing hypothermic treatment3
  • Monitor aEEG patterns to indicate the presence of sleep wake cycling in preterm infants, which is associated with better outcomes in HIE patients4 and may add value in developmental care

Easy Operation

  • System based Online Help feature provides a step-by-step guide for setting up both the system and patient prep — allowing staff to start monitoring in minutes
  • Intuitive navigation allows access to information fast when you need it most
  • Versatile Patient Settings
    • Easily add a channel to an existing single channel setup
    • Cross cerebral, right and left hemisphere and up to 3-channel monitoring simplifies patient hook up and provides additional data when needed

Ease of Interpretation & Collaboration

CFM Viewer

  • CFM Viewer software implements similar functionality to the bedside unit, permitting review & analysis of recorded CFM data on a personal computer
  • Remote Consult & Review — offers remote viewing of active or completed recordings from any location
    • Allows remote consultation
    • Provides remote review and annotation of patient recordings with marked events appearing at bedside

CFMsight™ — Provides enhanced signal display for easier trace interpretation

Event Markers — User-customizable, time-stamped markers keep track of when medications are administered, making the review process more efficient and easier for cross collaboration. 

File Management & Printing Options

  • Network archiving feature allows transfer of sessions and facilitates file management by increasing speed of transfer
  • Network printer connectivity simplifies charting and record keeping saving cost by allowing printing onto standard paper 
  • Archive, restore and review patient files via USB, allowing data management even when not connected to the hospital network

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4NeoReviews. Hellstrom-Westas, Rosen, deVries, Greisen. Vol 7 No. 2 February 2006


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