BiliCare System

Non-invasive transcutaneous bilirubin meter

Accurately and conveniently measures and monitors the level of bilirubin to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

  • Simple for the User & Gentle on the Baby
    • Reduces the need for or number of heel sticks by providing accurate measurements at the bedside
    • Only requires a single measurement per test
  • LED Transmission Technology Reduces User Variances & Maintenance Requirements
    • Less sensitive to motion artifacts & measurement differences based on user technique
    • LEDs do not deteriorate over time eliminating the requirement for routine device calibration

Speed and convenience

  • Reduces number of blood tests via heel puncture
  • Can use just one measurement or average 2–3 measurements
  • Can use with or without entering baby’s ID
  • Large, clear display is easy to use
  • Resistive touch screen can be used with or without gloves
  • Menu-driven user interface minimizes training needs, facilitating use by multiple caregivers
  • Memory up to 40 measurements saves time in transcribing and comparing results
  • Barcode scanner facilitates quick and accurate entry of caregiver and baby identification


  • The BiliCare System was validated in clinical studies to produce results comparable to blood tests
  • Repeatability testing confirms reliable results
  • Option to enter both patient and user identification facilitates hospital audits and quality assurance

Low cost of ownership with a choice of reusable or disposable tips

  • The BiliCare System is capable of working with or without infection control tips
  • LEDs do not require routine calibration, minimizing downtime associated with maintenance and cost associated with service
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery with cradle allows extended use and ease of recharging

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