HIE Treatment Solutions


Advanced Patient Temperature Management

CritiCool® is a thermal regulating system indicated for monitoring and controlling patient temperature. The system is composed of two elements, the CritiCool device and the CureWrap™.

The CritiCool device functions as a control unit and a cooling pump. The control unit monitors the patient’s core temperature through specific probes and uses control algorithms to reach the desired temperature set point.

The cooling pump brings the water to the algorithm derived temperature and circulates it in a closed-loop system through the uniquely designed CureWrap.


Targeted Temperature Management Has Never Been Easier
  • Set

    Select the desired temperature set point

  • Wrap

    Apply the CureWrap garment

  • Cool

    Initiate fast cooling

  • Rewarm

    Manage controlled rewarming


  • Precise temperature control
  • Full-color, touch-screen display
  • Simple, easy to use interface with intuitive controls
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical display of temperature measurements
  • Quick and easy set up