Understanding the Importance of ‘Golden Hour’

04 January 2017 - By GENWORKS

It is 2017. Technology has updated to its best levels, economies are booming and health is the one taking the toll of everything. Welcome to the new age lifestyle. Where health takes a back seat and its not the best choice.

Living a healthy life begins with preventive healthcare. Maintaining your body and a good lifestyle are the first steps towards a long healthy life. Another important cog to complete the chart is finding your medical problems early to help your doctor help you. This is what we call the ‘Golden Hour’. It means detecting any medical issues at the right time. The right time is when it can be mitigated and cured with the best and least medical intervention.

Traditionally, the concept of golden hour has been long associated with the first sixty minutes post a heart attack, to recoup the situation to increase the probability of surviving the attack. We at GenWorks Health believe that the best time to solve a health issue is before it happens, through understanding the symptoms and signs and detection of the disease(s).

Technology advancements have brought together a whole set of medical devices which help in detection of diseases and disabilities at the right time, with the least pain. The two assumptions that people hold when it comes to detection are high cost and not happening to them. Well, its better to invest when it can be cured and diseases and disabilities can happen to anyone, anytime.

So, lets resolve in 2017 to take a better care of ourselves and invest our time and energies in understanding if we or our near and dear ones might be inching towards a life threatening disease. There is some reason that the expression is, ‘Health is Wealth’.