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Vyntus™ PNEUMO Spirometer

Vyntus™ ONE


The modular JAEGER Vyntus™ PNEUMO belongs to the Vyntus Family and is combined with Vyntus APSstrong> for bronchial challenge testing and/or Vyntus IOS strong>Impulse Oscillometry for measuring central and peripheral airway resistance.

Use your Vyntus™ PNEUMO for all of the essential spirometry testing:strong> Flow/Volume-loop (FVC), Slow Vital Capacity (SVC), Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Pre and Post medication testing or therapy control.

Optionally, Vyntus™ PNEUMO allows expanding your diagnostic possibilities strong>with measurements like Rocc, P0.1, Pmax, SNIP, rhinomanometry and compliancestrong>. Vyntus™ PNEUMO is enhanced by the workflow- and quality-driven SentrySuite™ Software.

The reliable, proven, accurate, heated JAEGER pneumotachstrong> has been selected as the accurate measurement device of choice in hundreds of publications. Its excellent dynamic range allows for testing a broad population, from small children to athletes. Thousands of PFT labs profit daily from its high performance.


  • Take advantage of extensive patient data management including digital questionnaires.
  • Increase operator efficiency and patient compliance with text and animated tools providing valuable ‘hands-on’ guidance. Capture the patient's attention with a choice of 10 animated incentives
  • Optimise laboratory output with Quality Control based on ATS/ERS guidelines, during or after measurements, including colour-coded repeatability graph.
  • Choose your reference set from a broad range of standard authors incl. the new Quanjer GLI 2012 reference equations. Customisation is possible with editable reference modules and equations.
  • Adapt your scoring to fit your need with a choice of numerical and graphical standard scores: %Reference, Z-score, Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Standard Deviation.
  • Follow your patients’ disease progress with trending functionality for all parameters.
  • Improve your through-put with the Review program that holds all tools to efficiently complete the test procedure; quick filters to effectively sort visits, pre-defined text macros and templates, direct short-cuts to the measurement application and split-screen display of report and interpretation tools.

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