We salute our own inspiring 27 women heroes for their passion for work, excellence on the job, turning the obstacles into opportunities and using business skills to help solve India’s healthcare challenges. These young women are taking our Mission of a healthier India forward with vigour and are making a huge impact. We want many more role models like them and pledge to the current 15% women force to 25% in the coming years.

S Ganeshprasad

Archana Balaji

Meet Archana Balaji, a gold medallist in cardiology graduation program and our cardiology Solutions Leader. She firmly believes in the use of non-invasive technology to predict onset of cardiac diseases early and aspires to place them in the hands of every healthcare provider – for a heart healthier India. A mission GenWorks has undertaken as well. She helped over 1000 physicians in the small towns of India adopt these technologies with predictive automated functional imaging.

“My work touches millions of hearts..and I am helping save lives... literally. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction. I am not selling cardiac ultrasound technology. I am helping India get heart healthy by helping healthcare providers predict disease early.”

Archana is one of the very few women in a tough healthcare device industry where marketing such high end technologies require great knowledge and commitment. We are blessed she decided to be part GenWorks when we started two years ago, leaving her big position in an MNC to follow her heart.

S Ganeshprasad

Anandita Jaiswal

Meet Anandita Jaiswal: Our People Manager. Anandita has been at work from the beginning of GenWorks formation two years ago to create the right environment for our team to go forward as one team with one purpose which made them hugely successful. Well done Anandita!

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I learn. I love this ancient quote and that’s what I have been trying to do – learn something every day to stay ahead of the curve; involve everyone in our purpose. We are one team and we are at work for a healthier India. I am beaming with pride when I see our team making it happen in the field– everyday!”

S Ganeshprasad

Geetanjali Roy Chowdhury

Geetanjali did her schooling in the prestigious Daly College in Indore. Completed Medical Imaging degree from Symbiosis, Pune. Identified very early in her career as a young talent in GE and put through fast track programs, she was one of the first graduates of RISE Program for grooming young talents as successful leaders and selected to lead GE effort of improving healthcare access through GenWorks.

Geetanjali leads Marketing for GenWorks and has done exemplary job in communicating the GenWorks story of bringing affordable care through her marketing and customer enabling efforts. She is also the incubation leader for GenWorks, incubating ideas to sustainable commercial projects and is a key stakeholder in building GenWorks solutions for enabling customer success.

“Creativity is “Intelligence having fun” said Albert Einstein. GenWorks is fun and the energy to engage and enable a healthier India. To be the best at something I believe it is about working hard , constantly learning through unlearning and of course having Fun putting your creativity to the best use. I believe being creative and committed to customer success is the way forward and no better reason than doing that @work for Healthier India."

In her 2 years in GenWorks she has demonstrated her leadership skills to put GenWorks on fast track by leading an young team and is a role model winning GenWorks Hero award for both the years in succession.

S Ganeshprasad

Shilpa M K

Meet Shilpa M K, veteran leader and backbone of our Commercial Operations. Shilpa is available to healthcare providers virtually 24/7 to ensure technology is delivered in time, wherever they are! It calls for tough negotiations and coordination with packers to transporters to channel partners and our users. She is thorough with every product, every part, and every geographical location as well as time required to perform deliveries; and her ability to report honestly to customers in the rare event of a delivery delay or damage makes her the most trusted friend at GenWorks for all our customers.

“I know the value of technology availability for the most needy patients. I have suffered personal loss due to non-availability of technology assisted care. I have derived strength from my loss to ensure I would not let that happen to anyone who depends on us. In the process, my contribution strengthens our mission of a healthier India too”. Most of tier II and beyond towns of India have limited access to quality technology, which makes patients travel long distances to avail them. Placing more technologies to where people are matters a lot in providing care and saving lives.

S Ganeshprasad

Vinaya Natarajan

Meet Vinaya Natarajan, our Legal Counsel and leader who anticipates every challenge our business may face and is ready with answers all the time. We inculcated our culture from GE Healthcare, from where we took birth as GenWorks. And the strong ethical cultural needed a strong leader who can go beyond gatekeeping and become a mentor and guide to all our young employees to love and live that culture. And sure we did with Vinaya’s leadership.

“Real courage is a key success denominator. I believe in taking risks and going outside my comfort zone to take a role in a start-up and healthcare – a business area completely unknown to me before was a risk I accepted. And trust me, there has never been a dull day – being a mentor and guide to employees; healthcare professionals across the country. I love the fact that my legal skills can be a great boon for solving country’s formidable challenge and meeting GenWorks mission – a healthier India.”

Vinaya ensures we are not just following the lette of law but embodying every aspect of ethical culture and compliance in our lives.

S Ganeshprasad

Sai Prema

Meet Sai Prema, Value Cardiac Marketer. She is an artist and brings creativity, visualization as well as graceful balance to her profession. Medical imaging constitutes one of today’s key modes of representing life – the human body. She encounters art and artistic inspiration while revealing the perspectives of medical imaging to healthcare providers every day.

“I explore everyday life through Art, one of my passions. My other passion is demonstrating how the modern imaging techniques can explore and illustrate the intricate details of human body and differentiate disease and non-disease conditions such as health of the heart. When I represent GenWorks, I am living both my passions at the same time!"

As a graduate in cardiology programs, young Sai Prema focuses on heart health and believes techniques like Automated Functional Imaging protocols using ultrasound imaging can help early detection of heart conditions and save lives, especially in small towns with its affordability.

S Ganeshprasad

Abiya Francis

Meet Abiya Francis, our expert technology trainer. Abiya travels to the remotest parts of the country to train healthcare providers on optimal usage technology to deliver quality healthcare to everyone. Training is an important part of our mission of a healthier India as it enables healthcare providers deliver quality, accessible healthcare everywhere. Over 50% of births occur in under-served settings and access to technology assisted care can help save our mothers and babies.

“I believe I am influencing a huge change – taking healthcare to where it is really needed. It is possible by taking technology to places. But most importantly, creating the right educated force to use the technology. My recent work in Palasa-a remote village of Andhra Pradhesh helped women there save hundreds of kilometres of travel to get a foetal scan during their pregnancy. I am very proud of my little contributions towards building a healthier India as I continue to train healthcare providers using technology optimally for quality care”.

Abiya’s work is of immense importance in spreading healthcare everywhere. After what is the use of technology when one does not know how to use to it well. GenWorks has a good team of expert trainers who train healthcare providers sharpen their saw on a regular basis.

S Ganeshprasad

Kousani Banerjee

Meet Kousani Banerjee, Our product specialist for hearing solutions. She is new to the industry and to sales. But she was bold to take up a very new and tough line of business – marketing hearing screening products for children. Hearing screening of a newborn using technology is at its infancy in India and awareness is extremely low. Kousani is continually at it to learn and turn the obstacles in to opportunities by creating awareness among healthcare providers enthusiastically. We laud her determination in succeeding despite initial failures and setbacks. Bravo Kousani, together we will succeed in making all newborn healthier.

“I am knocked down a few times; failures were part of my short professional journey. But I always get up. Because I believe in me and my mission – my efforts of making early hearing screening possible can potentially make every child in the country develop to their full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. I am enabling healthcare providers with early hearing screening technology that can detect hearing challenges and help them treat the new-born when reversal is possible”.

Ear is the most efficient and most sensitive sensory organ. Hearing is most critical for a new born to develop speech. Up to 60% of hearing deficiencies can be treated if detected early and awareness work and technology proliferation efforts by Kousani and other team members are important for our mission of a healthier India.

S Ganeshprasad

Ipshita Bose

Meet Ipshita Bose, one of our youngest heroes and a service specialist. It is very rare to see women in the field of service of healthcare technologies. But Ipshita’s enthusiasm has taken her places and ensured highest uptime of equipment in the remotest of places ensuring no patient is losing their chance to get good care and no healthcare institution is missing a chance to maximize their investment. 

“Every minute counts. Every minute a medical device is down, a needy patient may lose their chance to get care and may lead to disaster. Knowing that my efforts keep the devices up and available all the time to patients for quality care gives me immense happiness and motivation”.

Our mission of healthier includes installed equipment is up and ready for patient diagnosis all the time. We have a well-trained team of service specialists spread across the country to provide quick response to healthcare providers.

S Ganeshprasad

Manisha Dubey

Meet Manisha Dubey – the fearless, enthusiastic, energetic and committed product specialist who can tackle any obstacle. Yet she brings grace to the profession as she does in her dancing. She travels hundreds of kilometres to reach the remotest locations like Palakolu in Andhra Pradhesh and runs marathon sessions with healthcare providers to educate on advanced technologies and win handsomely for the company. She continually demonstrates how life is more than a nine to five job and explores ways and means to touch lives of people. We expect no less from our courageous Manisha.

“For me life is more than a nine to five desk job. I love to take on tough challenges and turn them into opportunities. I travel to smallest of villages in the country to find opportunities to help healthcare providers deliver care. I am happy it is also helping our Mission of healthier India while I am having fun”.

S Ganeshprasad

Ruchi Tiwari

Meet Ruchi Tiwari. Our specialist in delivery of healthcare solutions. Ruchi’s passion and excellence to deliver advanced healthcare technologies in time to the remotest parts of India is helping us build access to quality healthcare and a healthier India – a mission we have embarked upon.

“Happiest moment in my life – when I could deliver one of the most advanced ultrasound imaging system to my home town and one of the remotest districts of India – Almora. Now 1.3 Lakhs of population there can look forward to quality healthcare at their doorstep. I am fluttered with joy, ecstasy and gratification”.

We were grateful she accepted our offer to re-start her career after maternity and a 6 year break and approached the business with same vigour she demonstrated in the past. Despite her new priorities being a mother and break has only helped her to become a more confident and customer oriented person.

S Ganeshprasad

Subheksha Rawat

Meet Subheksha Rawat: A talented, young Subheksha has taken multiple responsibilities in driving our mission of healthier India forward. While she promotes and markets our solutions, a key role she plays is in enabling continuous education of healthcare providers in optimizing their clinical outcomes by helping enhance their skills through training programs. Healthcare is shifting to the rural India and one of the biggest challenges is to have trained and skilled people available locally and make their experience a good one.

“New opportunities help me learn new skills. And sky is the limit – as my experience in rolling out technology solutions and training solutions. I learn as I roll out new training programs and it is great fun. It’s a major change for me!”

S Ganeshprasad

Palak Manwani

Meet Palak Manwani: From a student and intern to a sales specialist of high end technologies. Very impressive growth achieved in a short time. Palak is our youngest talent and she is revelling the opportunity of supporting our mission of a healthier India by constantly engaging with senior healthcare specialists, understanding how technology touches lives and returning with a gold mine of new ideas for improving our approach.

“People see doctors as corresponding to Gods, and therefore, healthcare sector give us an opportunity to stand close-by to the lives of people and take a pledge for being self-motivated & responsible enough for a noble as well as value creation roles in the society. The very fact mentioned above has motivated me to take a vow and initiate my career from this sector. One can enlighten the people who are so closely responsible for the lives of new born or the sufferers by sharing the technology details offered by this advancing and fast growing sector.”

S Ganeshprasad

Priya Narayan

Meet Priya Narayan: Priya very passionate about keeping things in order and we challenged her with the task of managing field opportunities. She responded splendidly to make sure that we are not losing sight of any customer who is need of healthcare technologies.

“My success mantra – if you work with passion and enjoy what you are pursuing, you will find a solution to life”.

S Ganeshprasad

Naina Dixit

Meet Naina Dixit: Our people incubation manager and in charge of market creation of Computed Tomography. Naina took on the challenge of incubating and nurturing raw talent at the very beginning of her role with us and to develop 15 high performers for taking up bigger roles in the organization. While she mentored and coached this team, she also enthusiastically worked on taking advanced technologies like CT to remote areas of India successfully.

“I was initially nervous but GenWorks leaders supported, encouraged and made a confident me in the process. And mentoring, guiding and grooming young talent to thorough professionals was a great experience for me. I look forward to doing more of both developing people and marketing technologies to usher in a healthier India.”

S Ganeshprasad

Priyanka Mishra

Meet Priyanka Mishra: What is a finance person doing in the healthcare world? Plenty. Priyanka plays a critical role of equipping healthcare providers in rural areas with customised financial solutions to make technologies affordable for rural healthcare providers. An important step in equipping rural India and taking a step towards a healthier India.

“It is a sea change for me from regular finance professional to someone who has the power to enable healthcare delivery affordable. Thanks GenWorks for encouraging me to take this path which gives me immense satisfaction”.

S Ganeshprasad

Sanjana Vivek

Meet Sanjana Vivek: Sanjana stepped beyond her traditional job with passion to spread healthcare – especially areas which were considered impenetrable. She devised bold awareness programs to improve adoption of Computed Tomography solutions with success. She did not shy away from the common fact that healthcare industry has fewer women, fewer in sales and almost none when it comes to an extremely advanced technology like Computed Tomography. Her quest for continuous learning has earned her an additional responsibility of establishing pathological solutions from GenWorks.

“I have been always passionate about technology and even more when it came to healthcare technology as it helps save lives. And the same passion driven me to take the challenge of dealing with the most sophisticated healthcare technologies and building awareness on its use in saving lives in the rural area. In the process, I am also meeting my organization goal of building a healthier India”.

S Ganeshprasad


Meet Premlatha: A confident, cheerful and calm Premlatha is a trusted friend of our customers. As a field service engineer plays an invisible hand in delivering care and educates all of us at GenWorks about the importance of what we do every day in the life of healthcare providers. Continue your great work Premlatha! 

“Every day I see patients waiting patiently for diagnosis/treatment when I visit hospitals. Many of them come with emergency needs and I can’t imagine equipment not being available. I share their pain I take pride in the fact that my work helps them get timely support and therefore bring them back to healthy lives” requirements”

S Ganeshprasad

Pooja Ravindra Huddar

Meet Pooja Ravindra Huddar: We believe in giving opportunity to young talent and Pooja is a bright young talent who is defining success in their own terms. She is redefining our employee engagement with innovation and dedication.

“I am a keen learner and I am getting great learning opportunities with my role at GenWorks. To me employees comes first and believe if we can take care of them well, they will be able to support our customers well.”

S Ganeshprasad

Mangaiyar Karasi

Meet Mangaiyar Karasi: Catching a problem before it can become big and address it early. It is applicable not only to catching a disease but also to the health of the technology hospitals use to provide care. Mangaiyar is a very experienced installation specialist with over 180 installations under her belt and manages preventive maintenance of our installations to boost confidence among users.

“When people go for a diagnosis or care, they see just the doctor and not these technologies that aid care. But these gadgets play a vital role and people like us play a key role in keeping these gadgets ready to support those who need – all the time. I am pleased what my little action can contribute to the quality of care being delivered every day”.

S Ganeshprasad


Meet Shaheena: A very caring person especially when it comes to customer care. She is ever willing to learn all the time, adapt to situations and adjust to the needs of customers. And she has been doing it for over 11 years gracefully ensuring great support reaches every customer as fast as it can. Shaheena, thank you for keeping our mission in the forefront and helping our customers!

“I am very impressed by the never say die attitude of doctors to deliver quality care and it feels good when I know our timely service actions strengthens their hand. I feel blessed to be part of the process”

S Ganeshprasad

Delish Mary

Meet Delish Mary:. Our order execution specialist believes in understanding even the tiniest details of the customer requirement and striving to meet if not go overboard to delight them.

“Small things do matter. Delight on the face of the customer is the most important of them and I strive to work towards that all the time. And when I achieve that, what reflects is the delight in the face of a patient and families who received that quality and timely care.”

S Ganeshprasad


Meet Nikita: We are pleased Nikita decided to re-start her career with GenWorks and grown into a service specialist managing a large territory and customer base. She is one of the fewer women in healthcare equipment service and won the trust of customers in an unknown industry and territory with hard work.

“We say behind every successful working woman there is support of her family. But I have the support of two families – my personal family and GenWorks family and together we are on a mission – to achieve a healthier India.”

S Ganeshprasad


Meet Kavitha: Back office plays a critical role in empowering our field team and in turn delivering good support to our customersKavitha, with her good work earned an additional responsibility of providing instant support in our tele-cardiology programs – a critical function for all involved – patient, doctor in a remote area and a command centre which interprets cardiac ECG to diagnose right first time!

“I believe every cog in the process has to work efficiently and smoothly to ensure we achieve our mission of healthier India. And I am committed to be the most efficient cog in the system”

S Ganeshprasad


"GENWORKS Is my first company and I started my career as a HR OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE with one of the proud company in India. Learning happens everyday everytime here only when we take ownership to do to task this I learnt from my mentor. Each and everyone is the organization inspire one another such a enthusisast persons we have. I am very glad I am here and I am part of it. Thanks to all."

Have patience. Yes, I can do it. Never give up.

S Ganeshprasad


"I’m glad to share that, effectively I have completed 8 years’ experience in the healthcare. I have started my career by interacting with customer regarding the services and solution provided by the company to enhance the performance of the Machines. It aids company in building customer confidence and helps customer to understand about product service & the offering provided by company for the welfare of customers. I have done by best in developing the install base GEHC India. Now I’m doing my best to bring healthcare solutions to tire 2 and 3 city. I’m co-ordinating with team to bring timely product solution to customer. Proud to that I have created the quality awareness in my team."

S Ganeshprasad

Suman Kumari

"I am Suman Kumari from Ranchi. I am working in GENWORKS Health Care Pvt Ltd from March 2015.I am handling Jharkhand as a Role of Admin. My hobby is Reading, listening Music and interested to regular Job. I am self-dependent. While doing any work first I have to think positively then I take the action."