World Hearing Day | March 3 2017 | Importance

03 March 2017 - By GENWORKS

Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment

The theme for World Hearing Day 2017 “Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment” draws attention to the economic impact of hearing loss. Unaddressed hearing loss poses a high cost for the economy globally and has a significant impact on the lives of those affected. Interventions to address hearing loss are available and are cost-effective.


Prevention, screening for early identification, rehabilitation through hearing devices, captioning and sign language education are among the strategies which can mitigate hearing loss and its consequences. World Hearing Day 2017 highlights actions which can be undertaken by decision-makers to address hearing loss.


Unaddressed hearing loss poses a high cost for the economy globally. Cost-effective strategies to address hearing loss include prevention, primary health care interventions, early detection and intervention. Half of all hearing loss can be avoided through prevention. Primary health care interventions including immunizing children against childhood diseases such as measles, meningitis, rubella and mumps, and immunizing adolescent girls and women of reproductive age against rubella, will greatly reduce the risk of congenital hearing loss among babies. Identifying hearing loss early through screening of newborns, school children and adults above 50 years, and identifying and treating ear infections quickly are further low-cost actions.