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Vyntus™ BODY

The innovative body plethysmograph is designed for PFT labs to save time with measurements, while offering maximum flexibility. It features the largest cabin in its class with a long, flexible 3D arm that enables other tests out of the box. The spacious cabin and low entry step improve patient comfort and safety.

vyntus body

Ultrasonic sensor

Double Shot Technology measures twice the number of signals across the flow path providing enhanced data resolution and precision.

The ultrasonic sensor has Polytubes on both sides to condition the flow and create laminar air flow.



High Precision Ultrasonic sensor with Double Shot technology and polytubes


3D arm that can extend more than 2 feet outside the cabin if required


Spacious 1110 Liter panoramic cabin. Largest in it's class


Entry step only 7 cm high making it easy for patients to enter and exit box.


Large hand grip in box for patient to hold on to.


Evenly placed electromagnets for efficient door sealing


(Specific) Airway Resistance sReff, sRtot, sR0.5, sRmid as well as Reff, Rtot, R0.5, Rmid and others.
Static Lung Volumes Absolute lung volumes: TLC, FRCpleth, RV, RV/TLC and others
Static lung volumes: VC MAX, IC, ERV and others
Dynamic Lung Volumes FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, MFEF 25-75, FEF 75, PEF and others