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Vyntus CPX for CPET – Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

The versatile Vyntus CPX Metabolic Cart delivers the latest generation of clinical cardiopulmonary exercise testing with highly accurate sensors to collect full breath-by-breath gas measurement data and wireless Bluetooth 12 Lead ECG. It offers the choice of an Ergocycle or Treadmill as exercise devices.

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The powerful Vyntus CPX is an accurate, reliable system that collects full breath-by-breath data and allows the determination of a subject’s metabolic response. The 9-Panel Wasserman graph offers a concise overview of the cardiovascular, ventilatory and gas exchange parameters.

Vyntus CPX offers all essential CPET applications:

  • True breath-by-breath Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
  • Wireless Bluetooth 12 Lead ECG
  • Spirometry, pre/post, animation and exercise flow-volume loops
  • Integrated pulse oximetry
  • Automatic volume and gas calibration
  • High/Low FIO2 optional
  • Indirect calorimetry assessment (REE, FAT...) standard, canopy mode optional
  • Combined legacy and new 9-Panel-Wasserman Graph and the possible limitation graph
  • Three separate ventilatory threshold determinations, six automatic slope calculations and Tau calculation
  • Online entry of RPE scale, blood gas marker, blood pressure or events
  • Offline entry of blood gases with automatic calculation of related parameters [P(A-a)O2, VD/VT calculated]
  • Comprehensive Protocol Editor program for creating individual ramp, step and weight dependent protocols