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Impulse Oscillometry

Tidal breathing analysis with Gold standard Jaeger Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) for your paediatric to geriatric patients helps in the early detection and follow up of pulmonary diseases like asthma, COPD and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. IOS is almost independent of patient cooperation and can test a larger patient range than spirometry alone.

Evaluation in only 15-30 seconds of normal breathing

The result of 25 years experience in Impulse Oscillometry



Spirometric and airway resistance diagnostics in one device


Excellent for detecting bronchodilator response in patients with asthma


Allows testing children 2 years onwards of age.


Allows differentiation of central and peripheral airways by measuring airway resistance and reactance at multiple frequencies


Assessment and differentiation of airway function under quiet breathing conditions.


Inbuilt automatic interpretation of test results.

The experts found that…

Impulse oscillometry may be considered as the preferred technique for measuring bronchodilation in COPD Clinical Trials

Airway resistance measured by IOS during methacholine challenge correlates better with asthma symptoms than traditional spirometric measures implying a higher sensitivity index

Impulse oscillometry provides an effective measure of lung dysfunction in children at risk for persistent asthma