Software Update

Software Update


Bilicare Repair

Software update (if asked) and calibration

Main card replaced, software update (if asked) and calibration

Optic module replaced, software replaced (if asked) and calibration

Calibration Check Tips

Infection Control Tips

Pack of 60

10 packs of 60


Adult Cure Wrap

Infant Cure Wrap

Upto 4 kgs

4-7 kg (8.8-15.5 lb)

Pediatric Small Wrap

2.5-4 kg (5.5- 8.8 lb.)

4-7 kg (8.8-15.5 lb.)

Pediatric Medium Wrap

7-11 kg (15.5-24.3 lb.)

79-91 cm (31-36")

Pediatric Large Wrap

91-104 cm (36-41")

104-122 cm (41-48")

Pediatric Extra Large Wrap

122-135 cm (48-53")

Over 135 cm (Over 53")

Disposable Sensor Adult Kit

Core Adaptable Cable, Surface Adaptable Cable

Filter unit (Internal)

Connecting Hoses (2 by 3 Way)

Reusable Sensor Adult Kit

Reusable Core Temp Probe (12F)

Reusable Surface Temp Probe

Filter Unit (Internal)

Connecting hoses (2 by 3 way)

Disposable Sensor Infant Kit

Core Adapter Cable

Surface Adapter Cable

Filter Unit (Internal)

Connecting Hoses (2 by 2 Way)

Reusable Sensor Infant Kit

Reusable Core Temp Probe (10F)

Reusable Surface Temp Probe

Filter Unit (Internal)

Connecting Hoses (2 by 2 Way)

Criticool Mini Accessory Kit

Disposable Sensor Kit (Core Adapter Cable, Surface Adapter Cable, Filter unit (Internal), Connecting Hoses (2 by 2 Way))

Reusable Sensor Kit (Reusable Core Temp Probe (10F), Reusable Surface Temp Probe, Core out Adapter cable, Filter unit (Internal), Connecting Hoses (2 by 2 Way) )

Temperature Probe

Core Temperature Probe (7FR) -Disposable

Surface Temperature Probe, RJ Connection - Disposable

Reusable Core Temp Probe, Adult(12F) (Gray)

Reusable Core Temp Probe, Infant(10F) (Gray)

Reusable Surface Temp Probe (Green)

Connecting Water Hoses

2 by 2 Way (For use with CritiCool, CritiCool MINI)

2 by 3 Way (For use with CritiCool only)


Male Connector for Draining Water Tank

Filter Unit (Internal)

Temperature Splitter Kit

Temperature Splitter (Core Out) Adapter Cable


NuPrep Skin Preparation Gel

40z Tubes

Ten-20 Conductive Paste

4oz. Tubes

Gold Cup electrodes

OBM Neonatal Hydrogel Sensors

Ultra Disposable Subdermal Needle Electrode

6 Color, 1.0M

OBM Wrap Hats

pack of 10 w/ dots

OBM Skin Markers

Positioning Strips




Cleaning Wire

Ear Probe Tip


Green (TEOAE)

Acoustic Filter

Recording Paper

Recording Paper

Infant Ear Tip

4mm, blue

4.5 mm, red-brown

5 mm, green

5.5mm, transparent blue

mushroom, green

tree, yellow

Child/Adult Ear Tip

6mm, transparent

7mm, white

8mm, blue

9mm, transparent pink

10mm, red-brown

11mm, gray

12mm, mustard

Compressible Foam Ear Tip

7mm, flesh

9.5mm, flesh


OAE probe cable

ABR Trunk Cable

Electrode set cable

Battery charger FW7206/09 - For ES Battery

Spare Battery